Promotion till End of the year 2005
for every new member,
who sign up till end 2005 under an already active prelaunch-partner!

From now till end of 2005 every new DGD-member, signing up under an already active DGD-partner (Prelaunch-Member) gets a free gemstone in the size of 0,3 carat. Active Prelaunch-Partner have a special promotion-code they will pass to their new partners so they can reserve their FREE REAL GEMSTONE.
This gems will be reserved for the new partner immediately and will be sent along with their own 1 carat diamonds.
For this promotion we have now 100 carat of quality coloured, transparent gemstones (assorted sapphire, ruby, emerald, garnet, citrin, tourmaline, topaz, aquamarine, amethyst, beryll, peridot, etc. - all transparent, coloured stones in fine quality, round cut, each approx. 1/3 carat size - real natural gemstones). Promotion last till December 31. 2005 as long as stock lasts. To claim the free gem the account of the sponsor (prelaunch member) must have been activated before November 1., 2005 and the account of the new member must become activated within 30 days after sign up. Active Prelaunch-Partner got an adverising code, which is the authorisation to claim the free gems. The free 0,3-carat gems will be sent along with the diamonds as soon as they are requested.


September 10th., 2005
Now all payments & commissions from the prelaunch phase had been entered into the database. Now DGD runs in the regular mode. 
Founding members who missed the deadline for their payment should contact us immediately as we start to terminate all inactive accounts!
Once an inactive account has been terminated the entire downline will be irrevocable gone. This process can not be undone!



From August 1st till August 7th those with an already huge downline will be allowed to split their downlines in order to maximize the profit.

Only accounts with 5 or more (also active) partners in their first line and / or accounts with total more than 50 partner (resp. if in every level three times more than in the level before) qualify for the splitting. Accounts with less partners (resp. accounts where the majority are own sub-accounts) do not qualify for splittings. 

Accounts can only get re-organized in such way, that a big account get splitted into two (or more) accounts, which has to be opened newly. This new accounts has to be opened under the same sponsor as the previous account had been (on the same level!)
Structures can not be restructured in a way that partners moving to any other levels!
New accounts must have the original ID marked with the addition  "... -split1", "...-split2" etc., so that they can be detected as jointed accounts.
If the original sponsor also decided to split his account the new accounts may get placed under this "-split"-Account. This has to be arranged separate.
Any other re-grouping of accounts is not possible.

Splitting of accounts can be requested in the week between August 1st and August 7th only and the process must be completely finalized before the launch on August 8th. After this deadline another shifting is not possible and any shifting / splitting is final and irrevocable. While shifting downlines, smaller accounts cannot be combined (neither before nor after the launch) 

To apply for an account-splitting pls. send a mail to
Always mention your USER-ID (and the IDs of your partners to be shifted, if needed) 
You may determine exactly which of your firstliner should be shifted to which account or you may ask us to spread your firstliner equally (or as desired) over your accounts.
If you like to have your partners equally spread we will try to place in each downline approx. the same number of referals and take care that the amount of partners is widely balanced (means combining some strong with some weaker promotors) 

If you don't know the ID of your original sponsor create your new account(s) without any sponsor and we assign it to your original sponsor. 
By this splitting under no circumstance any referal should get "lost" to a partner or move to any other level ! 

More information will be published here if necessary. Pls. visit this page frequently! 

Also you should read the FAQ to learn how the matrix will be working.
The optimal size of a downline will be approx. 100 persons well spread over all 6 levels. This is according to a 2,5 x 2,5 matrix (means everybody should have from two to three partner in his first line)