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FAQ’s regarding the Product

Why Diamonds?
The value of diamonds is as stable as gold, even better. It is an international currency. And it has the highest value compressed to the smallest space.
Single Diamonds are easy to hide and to be moved - opposite to gold they never had been confiscated during a war.
For sure the diamonds price will be increasing over the time, so they are not only a decorative jewel but an interesting investment.
And finally all payments, all commissions and all of your valuable downlines are 100% backed by a tangibly value – by real diamonds!

About diamonds – our product
Diamonds are a natural product - pure carbon crystals, grown under enormous heat (over 1000°C ) and pressure (50000 plus pressure) deep inside the earth. Diamond mines reaching deep – thousands of meters - into the ground, following the pipe, through  which volcanic activities brought the diamonds from their place of birth a few hundred kilometres deeper.
Diamonds are found on all continents. India was the first diamond producing country, later big quantities had been found in Africa, in Russia and in South America. Today Australia’s Argyle mine (where also the rare coloured diamonds are mined) is the world’s biggest producer (8 tons per year, mainly diamonds for industrial use and for the Asian market).
Even meanwhile they can be grown artificial it is almost as costly as the mining of diamonds – and finally they are not the same as a natural grown diamond.

What makes the worth of diamonds?
Let's forget about the history of diamonds as a symbol of power, influence and wealth, mystic & religious symbol, the insignias of the leaders and popes, kings and queens,... gems healing effects and positive influence, ...
... and that man had ever tried to possess whatever is rare and hard to get. 
Let's talk facts: The worldwide request for diamonds is much larger than the offers. The biggest volume of diamonds is for industrial purpose and the industry is in desperate need of diamonds - especially for cutting and grinding devices, etc. Only a small percentage of the mined stones is big and good enough to be cut for decorative items or as an investment. 
Dealing in diamonds means a lot of investment. To get one carat diamond, tons of rocks have to be moved, broken, washed and sorted. Thousands of pebbles need to be inspected, dozends of rough diamonds must be estimated, measured up, split, cut, rated and certified. All this needs an enormous amount of
energy, manpower and manhours of highly specialised experts to be financed in advance.
But not only the searching and mining is an expensive adventure, also the cutting is a risky business and trading with such precious items require a huge sum of Dollars. Whoever involved in this business needs a lot of funds to buy the stones in big quantities. It is not only expensive to buy this item, it also needs a high safety level to move and to store them and finally the capital is bound for a rather long time before the right buyer comes along to buy the right diamond in the shop. Even the price of diamonds is increasing over the time the bounded capital needs interest and its costly to retail jewels.
All this facts must be considered to understand the high value of a little stone.

How is it possible to give away real diamonds at such an incredible low price?
Trading of Diamonds is well regulated. From the mines to the diamond syndicates, gem-cutter, diamond exchanges, from a few agents and prime-trader to the secondary traders, international wholesalers to national wholesalers, trader and finally to the jewellers store its a long way.
And every agent, trader and intermediary is adding his profit. And it’s a quite fine profit as everybody can imagine.
The closer a buyer is the mine the cheaper will be the price. But not everybody is able to buy diamonds on a diamond exchange or from a syndicate. There are just a few agents who can buy directly – and they are forced to buy on a regular base lots which consist of a variety of sizes an qualities. The amounts of every purchase has to exceed millions – diamond syndicates don’t deal single stones and a few thousand Dollar are not even worth a call for them.
If one is among the few lucky wholesalers who know the name of such an direct agent or is able to deal on the diamond exchanges and ready to buy large lots he can get diamonds at an comparable low price at the diamond centres of the world. But those who purchase small quantities through several intermediates and middleman will have to pay a more and more increasing price the smaller the purchase and the farer from the source.
We are not only buying quite large lots, we are also in the lucky position to know the trustworthy dealers located in the heart of gemstone centres. This means we can cut away all the profits and commissions for a long chain of middlemen - and this is why we can get fine diamonds at unbelievable low prices.

This commissions will be shared within the DGD network.

As a rapidly growing network with thousands of members we will buy hundreds of carat which will put us in the position to play with the big boys in this business…Soon we will be one of the major buyers of diamonds. And all of you will participate from our low prices and the power of your perpetual growing downlines.  

Can I use my diamond(s) for jewellery ?
Yes, of course! Even just your basic diamond will make a great ear-ring. Every goldsmith can mount your diamond(s) in gold, silver or platinum – as a ring, pendant,
bracelet, brooch, earring, tie-clip, key-ring or any other decorative item of your choice. Create your own design or let your jeweller show you his suggestions. Surprise your spouse or your beloved  with a piece of your very own creation, including diamonds "grown" by yourself. As a everlasting symbol of true love and friendship
. Remember: "Diamonds Are Forever". Or simply make yourself a gift of lasting value.

Can I keep my diamond(s) as an investment ?
Yes, you may keep your loose diamond(s) as an investment of growing value or as a secret reserve.

Can I sell my diamond(s) ?
Yes, of course! Your brilliant(s) can be sold to private persons, in auctions or to a goldsmith who is in need of gems for his products.



FAQ’s regarding the Program

May I sell my position(s) in the DGD structure ?
Yes, you may sell your spot or give it to anybody else for free. Read the T+C for the details how to transfer a DGD position.

Is the import of diamonds legal? ... and how about duty ?
As far as we know (in most countries our members reside) there are no restrictions for importing finished brilliants (only the export of rough diamonds might be restricted by some producing countries). In many countries diamonds - as natural products - are even duty-free and we do not expect any problems by sending them to almost any country in the world by regular post. Nevertheless, you may check your local import regulation to be calm.
The diamonds will be custom cleared in the European Union, so they can circulate free within the EU in any case.
However, for the occasion one expect problems when importing the gems or for those who reside in countries where it is not recommended to send valuables by post we will work out an alternative compensation plan in cash equivalent. (buy back option)
So don't worry - we will solve every challenge in this matter. Please visit the website (FAQs) for updates.



When will I get more details?
With the official launch of DGD all details will be published on this website.
More news will be sent by Mail and are published here and on the "News" page. 


When will DGD launch?
DGD will launch on Monday, August 8th at 8am. (8.8.2005 at 8:00am MET /  Middle European Timezone = GMT +1h.)

Why at this date?
In the Chinese mythology Eight (Pa) is a mystic symbol for good luck and wealth. This is why we decided to start DGD at the 8.00 - as a tribute to the asian source of DGD.

What will happen at the launch and what must i do at this moment?
You must do nothing at this moment. We will start at this time (8:00 a.m. Middle European Timezone = GMT +1 h) to add all the further information and replacing the text on the website. This will need some time till all the new pages are online. You must not sit in fromt of your Computer and you will not miss anything important if you visit the new pages
only in the afternoon or the next day. The URL and all your Ref.-links will remain the same as before. Also the banners will still continue but there will be added some new ones (you should replace them if you use the prelaunch banners for promotion)
Also you will receive all important news by eMails and you will have a full month ro react, check your accounts and to activate them.
Don't worry, you will miss nothing if you are still asleep or already working at 8:00 am or if you are just on a vacation on this day.

What is DGD about ?
My promise: You don't have to sell or store products, need no experience, education or sophisticated skills, you will not have to buy any expensive seminars or tools and it will be no time-comsuming work - you will not have to click on mails and we do not collect addresses to sell them. It is nothing you ever saw before in the internet - no nutrition, e-books, software, telecom items, consumer products, technical stuff, no financial or insurance services or similar. It is also no doubler, no chain-letter, no HYIP, no advertising pyramid,...  and sure it is no peanut business.

May I advertise the program to the public already?
YES! The actual website contains no confident information. You can promote all published text already.
Please read the information how to manage signups from mass advertising. Remember: you will only need 2 or 3 active partners in your first line of each downline to gain the best results. 

Which promotion tools may i use?
In your member area (Pt. 3.) you find banner and textlinks with your personal referal-code. There is also a "Refer A Friend" function to send a short text (plus your additional remark). Another, more sophisticated text can be found at the end of this page. You may also use (and modify) the text of the home / index page as a mailing.  N0 SPAM !

How it is to be understood to open more than one downline?
Why should I start more than one downline at all?

You will understand the reason once the marketing plan is published. 

Am I allowed to sign up in my own downline again?
Yes, its up to you. You are free to sign up direct under your own account or somewhere deeper in you downline (this is an additional motivation for your partners) - or you sign up with an new, completey independent account resp. under your original sponsor or in one of his additional accounts. 

What would be the best ? - where should i sign up with an additional account? 
If your downline (with 2 or 3 persons) is active anyhow, it will be best to start an completely independent downline again where you enroll another 2 - 3 active networker.   
If (one of) your downline(s) is not very strong or need some motivation you may sign up under one of this not that strong partner(s). 
The ideal case is to sign up in an additional downline of your original sponsor once you have 2 or 3 active partners in your downline.
Signing up direct under yourself is not very lucrative on the long term. It is also completely useless if you sign up 200 times in your own downline to fill all spots in your own matrix. (DGD is no competition you will win if you are the one, who has the most own accounts without other partners)
Keep in mind, that you should have in your downline 2 - 3 ACTIVE partners, who are able to enroll themself as well each 2 - 3 ACTIVE partners. If you do not have such active partners in your first line you should enroll more partners in your first line accordingly. But if you have under yourself a professional networker who enrolls right away 50 partner in his first line this one referal will be enough ...   
Consider the system as an unprompted (!) closed 2,5-person matrix, 6 level deep - a matrix system on voluntary base, where its up to you to decide if you want to reach a target quicker (more firstliner) or if you want to get more (deeper downlines) ... 

This is how the matrix will work:

Imagine everyone  - together with his entire downline over 6 levels  - should fill a bottle which can hold
up to 1 litre water.
The bottle will not hold more than this 1 litre !

You can open the tap and fill the bottle within a minute (if you have enough resources). But everything your downliner will fill into the bottle later on will flow over and vanish. 

Or you fill in just a few drops and wait how many water your downline will fill into your bottle. If they do not fill enough you open your tap again....  If your bottle is not filled completely it is no waste. You may wait until your bottle is filled drop by drop or take it away - even it is only filled with 1/2 litre (and your spring is dried out).
But you cannot fill an entire ocean into this one bottle. If you think your resource is the whole Pacific you will need more than just one bottle to catch as many water as possible and to carry it away - otherwise it will flow over your bottle and trickle away ....

If everyone will fill in an average of 2,5 drops it will be exactly 1 litre and your bottle is used best. If you - or someone in your downline - fills in 1/4 litre most probably soon the content will exceed 1 litre and many of your water will be wasted.

If you sign up within one of your downlines it means you open a new bottle and on the other hand you will also continue to fill your previous existing bottle.

You will have any time you want to fill your bottle. If you hurry to fill one bottle quick you may spill a lot of the fluid. But if you fill your bottle(s) by a pipette your bottle(s) will be utilized best.

How to optimize your downline(s)?
From August 1st to August 7th you are allowed to split your downlines to gain maximum profit.
Please read the details on the page "NEWS" and apply timely to have your downlines optimized.




Which datas should i use for new signups? 
Of course you can use the same datas for every sign up (logical, your name will not change for a signup). But the UserID must be different with every signup (e.g. User01, User02 ... etc.). Pls. do NOT USE SPACES and NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS / SIGNS in your ID!  Use normal alphanumeric characters (a-z 1-0) only!
To recognize your own accounts easy you also may add some marks to your first name (e.g. Tom A, Tom B,... Sue 1, Sue 2, ...)  or in the line "company name" (e.g.. Network1, Network2,...).   

How can I manage the signups of my partners ?
If you refer DGD first to your friends and family you will have the best results. Send your different links (as desired) to the persons you know. Later on start with the mass advertisement and use various of your ref.-links. This method will soon grow several of your downlines.  



Help - my Ref.-link don't work!
Use normal alphanumeric characters (a-z 1-0) only!
The UserID is a part of your URL. If you use characters, which are not allowed for URLs  e.g. > ', % etc. the web address will be shown incorrect. Same with empty spaces. They break the link and no signup can be assigned to you! 

Should you have selected (and advertised already) an UserID, which leads not to your personal DGD site (your name should appear on top of the site) when click on your link, please notify us (mail to ) and we will try to catch your referals. 

How to link direct to the English version of my DGD website?
The default index page leads to the german version. To link direct to the English version of your DGD site the word "/englisch/" (between two slashes) must be added to your ref.-link.
And this is how the link must read: 
ATTENTION! The ending "YOUR_USER_ID" must be REPLACED by your own member name (UserID) !
This link can be seen in the member area as well (§ 3. Show available advertising codes -> Set Default Page)

To switch between the languages you may klick the flag on top of the left menue bar.

Use normal alphanumeric characters (a-z 1-0) only!
The UserID is a part of your URL. If you use characters, which are not allowed for URLs  e.g. > ', % & + etc. the web address will be shown incorrect. Same with empty spaces. They break the link and no signup can be assigned to you! 

How can i change the name shown on my personal website ? 
On top of your personal website (text line "This is the personal website of ...... ")appears the name you entered in the fields First- and Family Name - e.g. Peter Miller. 
If you prefer instead your name your company name or other datas to be shown you may change the datas in this two fields First Name and Family Name. This can be done in the member area (login with your UserID and Password) under the first paragraph. 
To show e.g. "P.Miller Trading & Consulting Ltd." on your site enter e.g. "P. Miller" as first name and  "Trading & Consulting Ltd." as family name - so the company name will appear on your website.
To identify you also further as the account owner enter your actual name (Peter Miller) in the field Company Name. We just have to know the name of the physical person as authorized account owner. 

In which languages is the DGD-Site available ?
The DGD-Site is available in English and German; for the time being (even after the launch on 8.8.) other languages are not planned. The reason is that we would not be able to support partners in other languages and cannot send information in several additional languages. If necessary we may add more languages later on.
Everyone may publish a translation to promote DGD in his country / language area. Who ever is able to translate the DGD website e.g to chinese, japanese, portuguese, french, arabic, ... etc. will be able to build huge downlines from this countries. Especially, if he will continue to supply his partners with information in this languages.
Since DGD need not complicated explainations, translations will be not too much work (also the final site after 8.8. will need not much text) .

What means DGD ?
OK, here is the story:
DGD ( - onomatopoeic "Deejeedee" - ) is the name of a little, young dove i found underfed and with a broken wing in the street while preparing this program.  DGD is white, with a nice brown and grey pattern and is that small it could be a diamond-dove (most probably it will be a very ordinary young city dove, since diamond doves live in Australia - but i am not familiar with birds). Her (or his?) voice sounds like "deejeedee" and it listens to this name - of course, this is when new food is comming. And thanks god she eats a lot.
Meanwhile DJD is doing quite well, becoming more and more trustful, I can crawl her under the wings and soon (on 8.8.?) I can let her fly and release in freedom again.
Even this story is the truth (this little dove really exist!), DGD got also another - actual - meaning, but this will be disclosed on August 8th. only.
And, btw. - the program has nothing to do with birds or animals. 

If you don't believe this story and want to see DeeJeeDee - Here is the Link:

Who is GlobalCash Ltd.?
GlobalCash Limited was found in early 2003 as an international Network Company at the British Virgin Islands .
The first and core business of GlobalCash ( ) are financial services, selling prepaid cards such as ATM debit cards, calling cards, etc. and the incorporation of offshore companies.
In 2004 the program had been added to GlobalCash. 1x2invest is an investment program, using the invested funds for arbitrage in sport betting (sure bets) as well as other investments and to launch other, similar network programs.
In May 2005 finally was launched. This program is also in the field of betting & gambling - MillionenPot is a players union for sport betting (value bets) and the "EuroMillions" lottery.
This program  will not be comparable with any of the previous programs - it is no financial service, no investment program, will not sell any prepaid products and will not be in the betting / gambling industry - DGD will be a revolutionizing new and unique program. 
GlobalCash, as an experienced network company, stands behind the DGD idea and will back up this program with all efforts.

--------------- TEXT SUGGESTION FOR MAILINGS ---------------

Hello partner,
you are one of the first to learn about a - still secret - program, which will start next month.

As consultant and co-promotor of this new program GlobalCash Ltd.  was the very first network firm which came across this concept.
And I an one of the few lucky networkers to hear about this prelaunch direct from the source ;-)

We are not allowed to tell any details as we promised not to promote DGD by telling any confident datas in advance. However we have set up a website which enable our closed partners to sign up a month before the program will open to the public *). 
The idea is that ingenious that we decided not to wait any longer before we accept your applications so you will be on the top spots in the matrix
Sign up now and wait till August 8th. 2005 for a surprising network program to come.

You have absolutely nothing to lose: SignUp is free and in case you dont like what you will see on 8.8. at 8.00 am you just delete your account.
But i am sure you will be fascinated just as I was when I heared about the DGD plan.

Sign up today 
and tell your best friends only about this opportunity.

You will need just 2 or 3 Refs to make a fortune.  If you want to enroll more then 2 or 3 partners it would be wise if you open another member account to have more than one downline (multiple accounts are allowed!). You will understand the reason once DGD publish all details.

My promise: You don't have to sell or store products, need no experience, education or sophisticated skills, you will not have to buy any expensive seminars or tools and it will be no time-comsuming work- you will not have to click on mails and we do not collect addresses to sell them.  It is nothing you ever saw before in the internet - no nutrition, e-books, software, telecom items, consumer products, technical stuff, no financial or insurance services or similar. It is also no doubler, no chain-letter, no HYIP, no advertising pyramid,...  and sure it is no peanut business.

DGD is the dream of all networkers: absolutely new, unique, simple and 100% legal! 

And you are still 3 weeks ahead all others !

Get in now!

Spammer will have their account(s) terminated - no exception !

For more answers please wait for the start of DGD.
If you have some technical questions or problems pls. contact the support by mail:
For a quick support always mention your UserID !

Pls. do not ask for more details in advance. We are not allowed to disclose any confidential information and will not answer such questions before August 8th 2005.

All inquiries for more details will just receive a standard reply with the wording as follows:

thanks for your inquiry and your interest in DGD.

Please understand our policy not to spread out any further details before the official start at August 8th.
Everything worth knowing - as far as already released - can be found on the website where all details will be published on August 8th. 2005.
We understand you are eager to get more details, however you must be patient for a while.
In any case we will keep you up to date and you will not miss any deadlines or must do anything during this month. You are 4 weeks ahead knowing DGD will start and nobody (except the company itself) got more information than you have.
So there is no reason to rush and you must not be afraid to do anything wrong.
The only hint is - as mentioned on the website - to place just 2 or 3 persons in one downline, as it will be more advantageous to have 2  or 3 downlines with each 100 partners than to have one downline with 200 or 300 persons.
As soon as you you will get the - still confident - marketing plan you will understand this point.
Best regards
DGD - The Sparkling Network Solution
How to unsubscribe / delete my account ?
If you just do not want to receive eMails but keep yr. account, log in to the member area (with your affiliate ID and Password and klick on Pt. 1) where you may change your mail address to any other - or to . So your Account will be kept, but you will not receive any mails (for the account with the changed address) - but also you will not receive the information.
You also may do so if you have several accounts but don't want to receive multiple mails. 
If you want to have your account completely terminated , log in to the member area and change your mailaddress as well as all datas to a "X"" . Means you will not receive any mails and we will delete this account with the next database cleaning. 
ATTENTION This will irrevocable terminate all your downline and credits.